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Terms of the Hardship Plan – ALANYC Terms of the Hardship Plan – ALANYC

  • The financial hardship plan is available to anyone who is a member in good standing of ALA National and who is currently up for renewal of their membership and is unemployed or temporarily disabled.
  • Temporarily disabled members, including those on unpaid parental leave, are also eligible provided they meet the terms of bullet point 1 above.
  • Any hardship plan dues must be paid in full.
  • Members granted a hardship plan receive such status for a period of one (1) year and such members can reapply for a hardship plan during the next membership renewal period.
  • Members who renew with the hardship plan will continue to receive the full suite of  member benefits.
  • To apply for the Hardship Plan, please t complete and submit an application at renewal attesting that you are unemployed or temporarily disabled with the  applicable dues.

For questions about the hardship plan, contact Member Services at [email protected].