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Mind Bucket – ALANYC Mind Bucket – ALANYC

Mind is focused on identifying educational topics, giving careful consideration to ALA’s core competencies for legal administrators.

Professional Development Team

The Professional Development team keeps abreast of hot topics that are relevant to our industry, plan high level educational sessions, source quality speakers for chapter luncheons, and has oversight responsibility for the promotion and execution of the sessions.

ALANYC invites its members to join this team to help plan and implement all educational programming in our five core areas: Communications & Organizational Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Legal Industry/Business Management and Operations Management as well as technology.  Members are also invited to contact the team leader with ideas and suggestions for topics.

Team Leader:
Naomi Stroock, Vice President
[email protected]
(212) 907-0653

CLM Certification Team
Chapter Approved CLM Provider

The Association of Legal Administrators offers legal administrators the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the body of knowledge necessary for the successful management of legal organizations. The voluntary Certified Legal Manager (CLM) program allows a qualified legal administrator to demonstrate, through an examination process, a mastery of core areas of knowledge identified as 

essential to the effective performance of a principal administrator.

The CLM Certification team develops a course of study to help our members prepare for taking the exam. The team identifies topics for review, identifies qualified speakers and conducts review courses to help chapter members achieve certification.

Team Leader:
Mimi DeMars, Vice President
[email protected]

Symposium Team

The Symposium Team is responsible for planning and executing the New York City Chapter’s annual Symposium. The Symposium is an all-day educational program including an exhibit hall featuring our business partners highlighting their products and services.  

Working in close collaboration with other teams, the Symposium Team plans the education topics and recruits qualified speakers. The team also works with the venue and the Business Partner Team to meet the needs of our exhibitors.

ALANYC invites members who can help drive the planning and execution of this annual signature event including identifying topics, securing speaker commitments and ensuring that content meets criteria for applicable CLM credits, to join this team. Members are also invited to contact the team leader with ideas and suggestions for topics.

Team Leader:
Francine Lahm, Vice President
[email protected]