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Joining ALANYC, get access to resources and networking opportunities Joining ALANYC, get access to resources and networking opportunities

By joining ALANYC, you will find a community of peers and colleagues from all areas of legal management. Through networking, educational discussions and real-time discussions, you can find immediate solutions to the challenges you face and learn comprehensive best practices to support your role.

Benefits of your ALANYC Membership

  • Networking: Our luncheons, social events, community outreach programs and informal idea exchanges provide unique networking opportunities for members.
  • Discussion Forum: Join real-time information exchange, which includes hundreds of chapter members.
  • Education: Relevant and cutting edge educational programs that meet the ever-changing professional development needs of our members including luncheon programs, Special Interest Groups, study groups for members aspiring to become a Certified Legal Manager and updates in employment law, technology and other industry trends.
  • fitALANYC: Benefit from a holistic approach to membership that encompasses the physical, psychological and nutritional well-being of our members. It offers opportunities for exercise and yoga, mental health awareness and training, nutrition workshops, and wellness training.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The Chapter works with members, business partners and local organizations on CSR initiatives that support our community, create social impact, promote inclusion and champion environmental awareness.
  • ALANYC.org: Our chapter website provides a wealth of information at your fingertips, including a calendar of events, newsletters and many other useful resources.
  • Business Partner Information: Our Business Partner vendor services directory is a useful resource for identifying businesses that provide products and services that are unique to the legal community.
  • Job Referral: Our job referral service communicates job openings to all members in the New York City Chapter.
  • Special Shared Interest Groups: Engage with other members who share common interests to network and share best practices.
  • Volunteer Leadership Opportunities: Part of professional development is learning and practicing leadership skills. Do more with your membership by becoming an ALANYC volunteer.
  • Building Future Leaders: ALANYC is committed to building future leaders.  The chapter sends three representatives to ALA National’s Chapter Leadership Institute each year.  At this event, attendees receive in-depth knowledge geared towards developing future chapter leaders.

Online Resources

Your ALANYC membership also allows you access to important online resources:

  • HR Resources Bank: Access to templates and reports to use at your firm
  • Diversity Resources: Access to diversity information and resources that can be utilized your firm
  • COVID-19 Resources: Access to COVID-19 information, resources and educational sessions

Signature Programming

  • Plus, with your membership, you’ll have access to our annual Educational Symposium & Exposition, an event with leading programming in human resources, information technology, law firm management and finance.