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Hiring Strategies in the New Normal – ALANYC Hiring Strategies in the New Normal – ALANYC

Jonathan Friedman
Managing Director of Friedman Williams

Over the past 3 months, Jonathan Friedman, Managing Director of Friedman Williams, has been speaking with COOs/Executive Directors and “C” level leaders across the country about Hiring Strategies in the New Normal.

Join us as he shares those ideas and topics with our Chapter, including:

  • Why hire now?
  • What Local and National Law firms are doing to prepare for the 2nd half of 2020 in terms of staffing?
  • The impact of Working from Home (on staff positions, HR recruiting, onboarding and training new hires and creating unique roles during a pandemic).
  • The reduction of firms’ real estate footprints in major markets and future effects.
  • The value of partnering with vendors while holding them more accountable.

Download the presentation.