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Career Optimization through Resources & Education

In 2018-2019, the ALANYC Community Connections Team launched the CORE Campaign as a pilot program with Hunter College’s prelaw department.  The campaign is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Success in the Workplace.  This phase, was held in April 2018 and featured a Chapter member panel presentation that provided students with best practices on how to succeed in a law firm job from the interview process through transition.

Phase 2 – Building Skills.  In Phase 2, students were provided with a list of law firm departments and asked to select an area of interest (marketing, IT, accounting, etc.).  They were then paired with a “teacher” who is proficient in that subject area. There were numerous volunteer teachers from Chapter member firms. The students reported to a variety of firms around the city and spent an afternoon with their teachers learning about how each specialty area functioned.

Hunter student (far right) visits with Beveridge & Diamond NY managing shareholder John Kazanjian (far left) and legal administrative assistant Stefanie Hirst (middle)

Hunter students learn about the functions of the mailroom at Dorsey & Whitney

Phase 3 – Shadowing.  Phase 3 will take place in January 2019 during the students’ winter break.  Participating students will be invited to “shadow” a legal administrator for a day thereby gaining a birds-eye view of how a law firm operates.

The pilot CORE program was designed to serve as a template for future use with a variety of colleges and serves as a pipeline initiative for the Chapter.  Students benefit from the experience but Chapter members and their firms also benefit by building relationships with potential future employees and potential new Chapter members.