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Chapter Business – ALANYC Chapter Business – ALANYC

Chapter Business is focused on the operational initiatives central to the Chapter’s functions.

Chapter Awards and Scholarship Team

Each year, ALA recognizes chapters for outstanding achievements in a number of areas. The awards presentation, conducted at the ALA Annual National Educational Conference & Exposition this fall is one of the highlights of the conference.  The Chapter Awards Team is responsible for preparing the chapter’s submissions for these awards. On an annual basis, the team reviews prior submissions and eligibility criteria established by ALA, works with the Chapter President to select areas in which the chapter wishes to compete, and then works with leaders of the various teams to prepare submissions and supporting materials.

The team tracks the criteria for the Chapter’s President’s Award of Excellence in the hopes of the Chapter continuing to be a recipient of this award.

The team will track the ALANYC members eligibility for the Chapter’s MBS Certificates, Scholarships for the National Educational Conference and National’s Fall Conferences.to be awarded.

Team Leader:
Tina Carter, President-Elect
[email protected] 

Chapter Calendar Coordinator

The Chapter Calendar Coordinator works with all of the other planning teams to ensure the chapter calendar reflects all of the educational, networking and community service events that are happening in the chapter. The calendar also incorporates dates for national and regional events to ensure promotion of neighboring chapters and the association as a whole.

Team Leader:
Audrey Serban, Communications Officer
[email protected]

Membership, Mentoring  & Engagement Team

This team is responsible for recruiting new members from law firms, corporate legal departments, academia, government agencies and bar associations for both ALA National and ALANYC.

The team is driven to mentor our new members and engage our members by raising awareness of the value of chapter membership. Our goal is for our members to have meaningful and ongoing involvement in chapter sponsored events, education programs and social networking opportunities and to build a pool of candidates for the chapter’s leadership succession planning.

The team invites ALANYC members to join the team to assist in recruiting new members to join the ALA and the New York City Chapter, and support existing members in rediscovering the benefits of membership.

Team Leader:
Viviana Llanos-Laut, Vice President-at-Large
[email protected]

Business Partner Relations Team

ALANYC offers a sponsorship program to provide business partners an opportunity to sustain the chapter and its educational goals through financial support, advertising in the chapter e-newsletter and donating services. The Business Partner Team works closely with sponsors to select a means of support consistent with their needs and to provide appropriate recognition among our members for the sponsors’ contributions.

We encourage our members to consider our sponsors when making purchasing decisions. Many of our programs would not be possible without the financial support of our sponsors.

The team invites ALANYC members to join the team in its role as a liaison with the Business Partners for renewals, payments, attending events, questions, understanding the program and facilitating introductions to other members.

Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC) 

The products and services offered by our Business Partners are vital to our firms’ operations. Their sponsorship of the ALANYC enables our Chapter to fund and achieve many of its goals, which includes educational programs and sessions on industry trends, dynamic speakers at Chapter luncheons, e-communication ALANYCis, a website that facilitates both member and business partner  communication, scholarships to Conferences sponsored by ALA National, among other core Chapter objectives. The relationships we build with our Business Partners are important to our success and can genuinely improve the bottom-line at our firms. The Chapter established the BPAC to further enhance our partnership with our valued Business Partners.

Team Leaders:
Stephanie Ransom, CLM
[email protected]

Scott Jaffee
Vice President
[email protected]

Social Media Team

The Social Media Team is focused on the overarching consistent messaging and branding of the chapter, ensuring that our communications convey the ALANYC story.

The team is also focused on building the brand ALANYC by raising the chapter’s visibility in the legal community and related industries through promotional campaigns of our chapter events and accomplishments on primary social media platforms, driving conversions by increasing traffic to our website, and increasing our social media presence, to attract a wider demographic of members.

The team invites ALANYC members who are social media savvy to join the team. Members are also invited to contact the team leader with ideas and suggestions.

Team Leader:
Meredith Lonner, Vice President
[email protected]

Communication, Website & Governance Team

This team focuses on our communication ALANYCis with up-to-date Chapter communications. The team invites ALANYC members who possess creative, writing and editing skills, to join the team.

The team will also focus on our website being current with its content on information about chapter events, including educational sessions, CLM study sessions, luncheons, news, policies, and other valuable resources. The website also hosts member and business partner discussion forums as well as archives of our chapter and diversity newsletters, boilerplate forms, and other tools. The website continues to be a growing source of member communication.

Team Leader:
Mimi DeMars, Vice President
[email protected]

Nominating Team

The Immediate Past President of the chapter leads this team and is charged with the responsibility of identifying qualified candidates to run for the Board of Directors. The team is comprised of at least two other past presidents and chapter members at large who reach out to the membership to solicit nominations and oversee the election process.

Team Leader:
Lucy Shyti, Immediate Past President
[email protected]