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Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack – ALANYC Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack – ALANYC

ALANYC continues our series of Lunchtime Zoom Education sessions.  The Professional Development Team strives to bring timely topics to help you meet your unique challenges in the days and weeks ahead.

Law firms have become a favorite target for cyber criminals due to the volumes of highly valuable confidential information that they handle.  Two of the most common types of cyber attacks faced by law firms today are Social Engineering Attacks and Ransomware Attacks.  During this presentation, the panel will touch on a number of cyber threats faced by law firms, but the majority of the program will be spent discussing Ransomware Attacks: How they happen, the impact they have, and how they can be covered in a cyber liability insurance policy.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Brief Discussion of Cyber Issues And Latest Developments
  • Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack And Impact on a law firm
  • Insurance Coverage relating to Ransomware Attack
  • Other Issues Pertinent to Law Firms

CLM® Application Credit for Functional Specialists: 1 hr (60 min) in the category of Legal Industry/Business Management OR CLM® Recertification Credit: 1 hr (60 min) in the Subject Area of Legal Industry/Business Management.

1 MBS Certificate Credit

AssuredPartners | Herbert L. Jamison & Co., LLC is a Grand Central Business Partner of ALANYC.

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