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ALANYC | Newsletter | The Foot in the Door program The Foot in the Door program

John Connelly
LDI Color Toolbox

The Foot in the Door program was originally conceived to give the ALA chapter members an opportunity to meet the sponsoring business partners and learn more about the businesses they represent.  From all accounts, the program was a win-win situation from the perspective of the membership and the business partners.  Firms gained invaluable information enabling them to improve best practices in their firms and, as a sponsoring business partner, I was able to create lasting business relationships.

Kudos to our Chapter Board and Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC) for endorsing and continuing this worthwhile initiative, and increasing the number of prizes. As a result, more members could benefit, be thanked and recognized for their support of the program. Congratulations, as well, to all of the wonderful chapter members, and their associates, who were so welcoming and generous in sharing their valuable time with me and other business partners throughout this process.

As a Senior Legal Account Manager of LDI Color ToolBox, participating in the Foot in the Door program, I found this to be a very rewarding experience for me and our organization.  Even though I had met many of the members at previous luncheons, symposiums and charity events, the program set the stage for me to create business meetings and learn more about the membership.  The program also opened the door to meeting other associates, professionals and decision makers within the law firms, who are able to benefit from the exchange of information.

LDI Color ToolBox has a rich history in the legal industry, representing and integrating the product portfolios of many industry leading manufacturers, including Canon, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, HP, Nuance and IPRO.  Fortunately, some of our manufacturers, partners and workflow specialists were able to sit in on Foot in the Door meetings and offer a window into future development and integration strategies for the legal industry.  Our technology partners were also able to gain important insights into the way law firms currently operate, ultimately assisting in their development of new products and solutions.

We sincerely hope that the chapter will continue this program and develop new ways that members and business partners can effectively exchange information, develop relationships and mutually benefit.

John Connolly can be reached at [email protected]