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NETWORKING EVENTS AND COMMUNITY SERVICE – Team Lead:  Theresa Smith – Have worked on various networking events, all of which have been phenomenal and very well attend.

One of our notable events  was the Charity Fundraiser we did for the UDL on Giving Tuesday.   It was a wonderful event, and were proud to have raised $6355 through generous donations from our ALANYC Members and Business Partners and collected and presented an amount of $6000 to the UDL on behalf of the ALANYC Chapter.  I’d like to thank Lucy Shyti, Angela Reade, Donna Saccone, Maria DeOrchis, Lydia Riley, Christobel Jeffrey, Thomas Barone, Dana Adorno, Dorothy Montgomery, Nikki Walters, Rose Hirsch, Audrey Wilson and Denise Harris.

We also celebrated the Chapter’s 42nd anniversary during our Winter Party at Morton’s Downtown on January 25, 2018 with a Broadway themed showcase. It featured actors from various Broadway musicals, Chapter members and Business Partners.

Our highly successful Annual Attorney Luncheon was held on Tuesday, March 12,  2019 when we were treated to a CLE accredited presentation by Joseph K. West, Partner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of Duane Morris LLP. Next year we are hoping for some key knockout events and hope all members and BPs will continue to attend and contribute to our worthy causes.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, Team Lead – Santa Medina – The Diversity & Inclusion Team and Members are excited about all the new trends and learning opportunities. We aim to continue providing topics of interest to all our ALANYC members and to collaborate not only with the other Teams and Board Members, but also with our esteemed Business Partners who go above and beyond and do so much for our organization.

We have become a great big family and welcome all to join us throughout the year. In the coming weeks our upcoming edition of Prism 2019 will be released. We hope you enjoy the articles and the feeling of togetherness we felt while putting it together. We invite you to contact me or anyone of our team members with questions, comments and new ideas. It is our intent to continue learning, engage our members and guests and to communicate valuable information on anything Diversity & Inclusion. As members of the legal community, it is up to us as professionals and humans to set the trend and the example of inclusion, kindness and mindfulness every day.

With this chapter year ending, I’d like to take this opportunity to give a great big shout out and thank you to the D&I Team for their work, efforts and determination. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you, getting to know each of you professionally and personally, but more importantly for the friendships formed along the way. Special Thanks to Sarah Gillen – President of Emergency Skills, Inc., our D&I Business Partner whom, at every opportunity, was front and center to volunteer her time. I look forward to continuing working on the Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 term and connecting with the ALANYC Members, Business Partners and others to continue growing and elevating our organization.


Community CONNECTIONS – Team Lead – Nadia Wagner – ALANYC C.O.R.E. (Career Optimization through Resources & Education) Program – In 2018-2019, the Community Connections Team launched the CORE Campaign as a pilot program with Hunter College’s pre-law department. The campaign covered 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Success in the Workplace –  This phase, was held in April 2018 and featured a Chapter member panel presentation that provided students with best practices on how to succeed in a law firm job from the interview process through transition.   Success in the Workplace Panel presenters: Shahily Negron-Falcon and Nadia Wagner

Phase 2 – Building Skills – Students were provided with a list of law firm departments and asked to select an area of interest (marketing, IT, accounting, etc.). They were then paired with a “teacher”, proficient in that subject area, from numerous volunteer Members of the Chapter, teaching students how each specialty area functioned.

Phase 3 – Shadowing – took place in January 2019 during the students’ winter break, Students were invited to “shadow” a legal administrator for a day gaining a birds-eye view of how a law firm operates. After completion of the 3 phases, one deserving student was selected to receive a $500 educational scholarship from the ALANYC. The student, Moesha Muschett, was awarded at the Chapter’s Attorney Luncheon on March 12. The pilot CORE program was designed to serve as a template for future use with a variety of colleges and serves as a pipeline initiative for the Chapter. Congratulations to all who participated and all the best to our Student, Moesha Muschett!

SUSTAINABILITY (GREEN INITIATIVES) – Team Lead – Nadia Wagner – ALANYC GREEN (Great Returns on Environmental Efforts & Notions) Campaign – In early 2018, the newly inaugurated ALANYC Sustainability Team kicked off its GREEN Campaign with a series of emails in the month of April (Earth Month) designed to inform and illuminate on issues relating to sustainability.

In late May, we partnered with the LFSN (Law Firm Sustainability Network), a nonprofit organization of law firms and legal departments committed to promoting environmental sustainability throughout the legal industry, for the first of several collaborations. The joint project consisted of assisting graduate student, Pamela Cone (a CSR grad student at St. Michaels at the University of Toronto), by responding to a law firm survey she created which assessed the current status of sustainability efforts in the legal industry.

The Sustainability Team joined forces with fitALANYC to introduce the ALANYC 10,000 Step Challenge. The Challenge was designed to serve multiple purposes including, conservation (walking instead of using forms of transportation), wellness, collaboration, and integration of business partners. In June, in yet another of the many perks the Chapter received from its association with the LFSN, Chapter members were permitted to participate in a free webinar on composting, which was presented by Michael Cyr, a LEED Associate with an MBS in International Business Economics and Sustainability.

In early September we partnered with fitALANYC and the LFSN once again to host the ALANYC 10,000 Step Challenge 2.0. In early fall, we worked with the Events Team and the LFSN to present a panel discussion titled “CSR Ideas & Programs: Creative Opportunities to Strengthen Your Business” for a Chapter luncheon on September 25.

On November 1, we worked with the LFSN once again for a unique experience, a “field trip” which included a walk-through of Nixon Peabody’s LEED Gold certified Office Space in midtown Manhattan.

We have already slated several initiatives to celebrate Earth Month 2019 including a Chapter-vs. Chapter Eco Challenge contest with the tri-state ALA chapters. In addition, we are building a resource tab on the Chapter’s website that will include lots of useful information and links. Stay tuned!

The Sustainability Team looks forward to another exciting year!

ORGANIZATIONAL AFFILIATIONS – Team Lead – Sharon Stewart – The Organizational Affiliations Team was created to build and sustain alliances between peer organizations and local bar associations and ALANYC, with the sole purpose of raising the chapter’s visibility in the legal community.

Throughout this year, under the leadership of Past President, Sharon Stewart, we have been working with the New York City Bar and the Law Firm Sustainability Network. As of this writing, here are the updates:

The NYC Bar Association is looking for firms to participate in their annual Thurgood Marshall Summer Intern program and are asking any law firm that can host a student moving from high school into law school to sign up here. Applications are being accepted now through May 1, 2019.

The Law Firm Sustainability Network – has expressed an interest in joining the chapter as a BP. This information has been shared with the Business Partner Team leader, Stephanie Roman to pursue. In an effort to continue increasing our alliances, we are currently in discussions with the International Facilities Management Association of New York (IFMA). We had a successful call with IFMA to host a Fireside Chat to discuss Facilities Operation in the Legal Field. IFMA will bring members of their legal community to discuss with our chapter members how best to navigate the world of building and facilities management. We look forward to creating a networking relationship between our Chapters.

WEALTH MANAGEMENT – Team Lead – Jenniffer Brown – The Wealth Management Team introduced a 4-part series of workshops entitled “A Roadmap to Financial Health Series for the Law Firm Professional”. We held 3 workshops to date:

  • October 11 – “Introduction to Financial Planning”
  • January 9 – “Risk Management-Protecting Yourself and Those That Rely On You”
  • February 27 – “Retirement Planning: Getting from Here to There”

Wealth Management was brought to the chapter exclusively for our members realizing there was a need for financial planning services. We were able to construct this series with our valuable Business Partner, City National Bank. Thank you to Peter Manzi and his colleagues who taught all our workshops.