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Leveraging FinTech for Profitability for Your Law Firm
Jeffrey Mercado, CFP, Sterling National Bank

It’s no secret that technology has transformed the law industry, changing lawyer/client communication, case management, and discovery. However, as law firms invest in solutions that will increase efficiency, they often overlook financial technology that could save the firm valuable time and resources. Read More

9 Must-Haves for Data Security
Jeffrey Manfredonia, Kraft & Kennedy, Inc.

More and more law firms are starting security programs. They often ask us where to begin: what makes up the foundation of a solid security program? Which measures are necessary, as opposed to nice-to-have? Read More

5 Tips to Keep Your Records Management Tools Up to Date this Summer
William B. Meyer, Inc.

Summer is the time of year when many office employees take a much-deserved time off to enjoy the warm weather with family and friends. Now that summer in NYC is in full swing, I notice many records customers passing along their duties to a colleague or intern. Here are some tips to keep your team ready while you are away from the office. Read More

A Holistic Approach to Travel Experience Drives Reputation and Profitability for Law Firms
Reed & Mackay

Not only is corporate travel one of the biggest controllable spend categories for a business, it is also one of the most emotive. Meeting the needs of your high flyers as they take to the skies, while still accommodating the practicalities of cost savings and compliance, can be a delicate balancing act for any board. Read More

Bleeding Control: Stop the Bleed – “You are the Help Until Help Arrives”
Sarah V. Gillen, President, Emergency Skills. Inc.

According to the National Trauma Institute, trauma alone is the leading cause of death for individuals aged 1-44, and accounts for 30% of all lives lost in the U.S. Responders to a severe bleeding emergency must take action quickly, often within 5 minutes, to save a life. Read More

5 Tips to Reduce Coworker Conflict and Improve Collaboration
Career Resources by Robert Half Legal

Working well with others is essential for legal professionals. Yet, it can be challenging at times to interact effectively with colleagues whose work style, experience level or generational background may be quite different from your own. Sometimes collaborating successfully can be the most challenging part of getting your job done, especially if you work in a high-pressure setting. Read More