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ALANYC | Newsletter | Chapter Business Updates – ALANYC Chapter Business Updates – ALANYC

The Awards Team – Two MBS participation scholarships were awarded at the Symposium to be applied towards the registration fee for ALA’s National Conference to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah from May 3-6, 2020. The two lucky recipients were Lisa Goldberg and Lydia Moore-Riley. The Awards Team would like to thank you for your continued support and participation at our Chapter’s events and educational sessions. We would also like to encourage all Members to please make use of the benefits provided with your membership as well as to support and volunteer for opportunities available at both the Chapter and National level.

We share with you the feedback and experience of Chapter member, Viviana Llanos-Laut, Office Manager of Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss PLLC who attended the C-4: The Legal Industry Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, through a stipend awarded to her at the Chapter’s Summer Event:

What made you decide to go to the C-4: The Legal Industry Conference in Boston, Massachusetts?

Primarily, the topics that were covered, Finance, technology and marketing to name a few, where we used a process called “legal design thinking”, a creative problem-solving technique using critical thinking and legal solutions applicable to the workforce and challenges in the legal industry. Also, the conference provided CLM credit for attending and having won the scholarship to attend, helped in my decision to attend this conference.

Have you attended any other conferences? If so, which would you recommend as not to be missed?

I attended several conferences such as the ALA Annual Conference, the annual National Conference of the Society of Human Resources Management, and the annual ALANYC Educational Symposium. I would have to say that all three are a must because there is just so much information out there. From a human resource aspect, with the laws constantly changing, you need to keep yourself up to speed on every aspect of the law. The knowledge and information I have gained from attending these conferences has helped me to properly interpret the current changes of HR Law and has assisted me with implementing and enforcing them at the firm.

What did you look forward to at the conference you attended?

I looked forward to attending the general sessions. We were assigned a legal challenge and then put into teams to come up with the methodology, prototype and finally our solution. It was wonderful being teamed up with such an amazing group of colleagues from various chapters (some as far as Arizona and Louisiana). 

What sessions did you participate in?

I participated in all the sessions, but unfortunately, because of travel constraints, I was not able to attend the last session on Friday as I had to fly home. I missed out on which team won the Legal Solution.

Did you enjoy all or most of the sessions?

I enjoyed the entire conference and the team building experience it offered.

Would you recommend the C-4/ALA Master Class to members to attend and why?

I would recommend the C4 to members who like to work in teams/group break-out sessions.

Who do you think would benefit most from this conference, those in large firm or small firms or both?

I believe Office Managers and Administrative Managers would benefit most from the C4/ALA Master Class experience.

What was your takeaway from the conference attended? 

My one take-away from the conference was that the number of participants was low. I believe that had more members attended, the experience would’ve been 100% better!

Many thanks to Vivian for sharing her experience at the C-4/ALA Master Class 2019. Interested in learning more about the Awards offered to the Chapter members, please contact me directly.

Lucy Shyti

ALANYC President-Elect/Awards Team Lead
[email protected]

Business Partner Relations/BPAC TEAM – The Business Partner Relations Team (BPR/BPAC) has been very busy this Chapter year keeping our members and Business Partners engaged! Last chapter year we introduced the new BPHangoutsWithALANYC which provides opportunities for our Business Partners to meet with chapter members in a relaxed environment, while promoting camaraderie and relationship building which we hope will ultimately lead to a long-lasting professional connection. Take a look at “BPHangouts” for the Chapter year thus far!

We started off with the Business Partners Town Hall in September, hosted by Kevin O’Sullivan of Konica Minolta. This interactive event was a very well attended Town Hall with over 50 Business Partners, the Business Partners Advisory Council members, ALANYC Board Members and the Business Partner Relations Team in attendance. Many thanks to all our BPs and Board Members who participated in this successful event.


In October, we held our first event, Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. The event was hosted by Gordon and Natalie Loeb of Loeb Leadership and David Henken of Elite Limousine, two of our many BPs who help sponsor the Chapter’s initiatives. During this “Hangout” we focused on developing and enhancing our teambuilding skills, learning to work cohesively and efficiently with each other, while manning a sailing vessel provided by Shardana Sailing Charters. Special thanks to Captains Andrew Seligman and Thad Kubis for sharing with us such an exhilarating sailing experience and to Dave Henken who provided round trip transportation for our members from NYC to Maryland and back.

Here is a brief biography on our BP sponsor, David Henken of Elite Limousine:

The number one thing Dave learned from his dad growing up was how to “Roll with the punches.” Born in the rebellious post World War II period with no interest in following his father’s footsteps into Medicine. Dave Henken’s formative years were the 60’s and Woodstock and culminated with a BA in Sociology from Queens College of the City of New York 1970. Following a stint in the Navy Reserves he perfected the Art of Bartending in Catskill Mountains Hotels. He came back to New York in 1974 starting as a clerk and rising to Chief Foreign Currency Dealer at Manfra, Tordella & Brookes in the World Trade Center. Six years in the Twin Towers followed by two years in the same position for Citibank in JFK Airport. Then, changing career paths, the following ten years were spent in retail furniture sales. His second learned lesson for life: “Never sell retail again.” At last he got to Elite. Hired for Corporate Sales in 1990, becoming Sales Manager in 1995, he was promoted to Executive Vice President in 2019. After all these years in sales this is the most important lesson of all: “Always tell the truth.” 

Our second BPHangouts event took place in November with Russell Manthy of IA Interior Architects, who hosted a Sous-Vide Cooking and Tasting Demonstration. Members who came out to participate learned a different cooking technique demonstrating how to bring out flavors in food through a vacuum sealing technique. Members enjoyed supplemental snacks and drinks graciously provided by IA Interior Architects.

For our third BPHangouts event, we teamed up with Assured Partners Jamison, iSolved and Allied World who sponsored the event. The event was held at Toloache Thompson (a Mexican bistro on the lower East side) and members participated in a tasting of various tequilas, with a bonafide Tequilier, who explained the differences in tequila and made suggestions and recommendations on food pairings, all while networking with our peers.


Below is a brief profile on our BP sponsors. Be sure to reach out to them with any questions you may have about the varied services they offer:

A.J. Haugen is the Executive Vice President at Herbert L. Jamison & Co. Since joining, Herbert L. Jamison & Co, L.L.C. in 2005, A.J. has spent the majority of his time developing relationships with medium and large size law firms throughout the U.S. His responsibilities include managing Jamison Risk Services’ new business team and coordinating insurance and risk management programs for law firm clients. A.J. has played a key role in helping Jamison to expand its partnerships with the Association of Legal Administrators, the American Association for Justice, and the American Intellectual Property Law Association. He is a member of the Professional Liability Underwriting Society and is currently working on his RPLU designation.

Robert Frattarola, Executive Vice President of Herbert L. Jamison & Co., L.L.C., an Assured Partners member firm. Robert joined Herbert L. Jamison & Co., L.L.C. in 2004. Robert’s responsibilities include marketing and servicing Health, Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Cafeteria Plans, and Retirement programs for individuals and groups. In 2010, Robert became Executive Vice President of the Herbert L. Jamison & Co., L.L.C.’s Employee Benefits Department. He is a member of CIAB, NAHU, RiskProNet and SHRM.

Christopher Parto, Account Sales Consultant of , iSolved HCM Strategic. Chris joined iSolved HCM in early 2019. Chris focuses on developing relationships with small and mid-size law firms in the NJ & NY markets. His responsibilities include working directly with clients to assess their needs and develop a comprehensive, completely scalable human capital management solution that delivers a better work-life and transforms your company while managing all your mission-critical workforce management processes:  payroll, HR, time management, benefits enrollment, onboarding, applicant tracking, learning management, as well as employee engagement and collaboration.

We are currently seeking additional “hangouts” for the upcoming months. Business Partners interested in hosting a BPHangoutswithALANYC should contact any member of the Business Partner Relations Team to organize. As a reminder, the BPR/BPAC team consists of the following members:  Stephanie Ransom and Tina Carter, Co-Leaders; Rose Jaworecki, Lucy Shyti, Jenniffer Brown, Paula Caceci, Rory Celentano, Debra Crandon, Tanya Duprey, Kit Fong, Denise Harris, Pat Isaacson, Mary Kirnon, Francine Lahm, Meredith Lonner, Henry Macchiaroli, Dorothy Montgomery, Sharon Stewart, Marie Carolle Tertulien, Nellie Lefteratos and Rodger Williams.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the Chapter volunteers and team members for pitching in, assisting and being a valued contact for our Business Partners  Please remember you can contact any member of this team to discuss your concerns. We look forward to seeing you at our next BPHangouts event!

Stephanie Ransom, CLM
Co-Team Lead, Business Partner Relations/BPAC
[email protected]

Tina Carter
Co-Team Lead, Business Partner Relations/BPAC
[email protected]

COMMUNICATIONS/SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM – On behalf of the Communications/Social Media Team, we want to commend the teams for all the hard work done this past year and wish you all continued success through the end of the Chapter year. We hope you have been enjoying our newsletters and updates and encourage you to contact us if you would like to see something different or if you wish to share some news with us. Special thanks to the team, Francine Lahm, Maria DeOrchis, Rory Celentano, Stephanie Ransom, Tina Carter, Toni Stephen and the Business Partners who contribute their thought leadership around Financial Management, HR, Travel, Marketing, and IT.

We would also like to recognize and thank ALANYC’s strategic Events Photographer, Philip J. Carvalho, of PJC Photography, a NYC based photographer specializing in aerial, corporate and portrait photography. Yes, Phil is a pilot, an aerial pilot, flying both fixed and winged airplanes and helicopters! More importantly, Phil has been with the ALANYC Chapter for over 25 years and we want to thank him personally for his time and service in covering and capturing all of our special events and the great time had by our business partners and members! Be sure to give him your “good side” when you see him at our next event!

Be sure to check out our social media sites. We’d love to have you Share, Like, Follow, and Engage with us.

Gina Negrin
Team Lead, Communications/Social Media
[email protected]

Membership, Leadership and Mentoring Team (MLM) – MLM held its by Invitation Only Open House Mixer in September 2019. We welcomed new members and introduced them to our Board and senior chapters members who in turn, shared their involvement, interests and experience with ALANYC and ALA National. Special thanks to Rose Jaworecki whose firm hosted the Open House, and to Jenniffer Brown, Mimi DeMars, Doug Gibson, Gina Negrin, Janine Nedd, Kit Fong, Francine Lahm, Lesya Osipova, Michael A. Leonardi, Stephanie R. Ransom, Santa Medina, Lucy Shyti and Tina Carter who helped make the event a great experience for our new members and all in attendance.

Welcome Our New Members:

Jennifer Aponte, Director of Administration, Sullivan & Worcester LLP
John Dunn, Director of Finance and Operations, Chaffetz Lindsey LLP
Ayana Lewis, HR Generalist, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP
Peter Rosenblatt, Office Administrator, Hahn & Hessen
Toni Stephen, Manager Secretarial and Support Services, Nixon Peabody

In addition, the MLM Team wishes to recognize and commemorate those celebrating their 5th Year Anniversary with the Chapter:

Dean Arfanis, Chief Operating Officer, Rosenberg & Estis, P.C.
Marie Carolle Tertulien, MPA
Lisette Clark, Human Resources Director, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin
Michelle Hensley, Director Regional HR, Nixon Peabody LLP
Maryana Kodner, Executive Director, Condon & Forsyth LLP
Julie Lowitz, Office Administrator, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
Janine Nedd, Business Process Manager, Morrison & Foerster LLP
Nancy Tavarez, Branch Office Manager, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
Francesca Zeder-Bellomo, Office Manager, Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP

Thank you for growing and learning with us these past 5 years. Congratulations and much continued success!

Julissa Keene,
Team Lead, Membership, Leadership & Mentoring
[email protected]

NOMINATING TEAM – The chapter held elections in January 2020 when members were asked to help select our next Board of Directors. Learn more on our FAQs about Volunteering on the ALANYC Chapter Board. Please take time to read the list below of FAQs that may provide answers to some of your burning questions in deciding to serve on a future ALANYC Board of Directors. We hope you took the time to cast your vote and remember, this  is your chapter and your Board of Directors!

FAQs about Volunteering on the ALANYC Board of Directors (BOD)

Q: How many people serve on the board of ALANYC? 

A: The BOD is comprised of 5 members of the Executive Board; 9 voting Vice Presidents and 3 non-voting Vice Presidents. The latter is optional.

Q: Are Business Partners allowed to serve as well?

A: No, our Bylaws allows only members of the chapter to serve in board positions however, BPs can join (not lead) teams.

Q: How often does the board meet and for how long?

A: The BOD meets once monthly for approximately 2 hours with the option of telephone conferences lasting an hour each, during the summer months only.

Q: If I am elected to serve on the board, how many meetings do I have to attend before jeopardizing my board seat?

A: Knowing how busy we are, members have the option of attending meetings by phone however, our chapter Bylaws state that any board member who misses more than 3 consecutive meetings without cause can be removed. If a board member is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, sending an email beforehand goes a long way.

Q: Are there specific BOD meetings that one must attend in person?  

A: Yes, BOD members are required to attend the following board meetings in person:  the BOD Retreat held late March-early April; the April meeting; the May meeting, and the December meeting.

Q: Is serving as a board member alone sufficient or do I also have to lead a team?

A: Best practice is for board members to lead or co-lead a team because that sends the message that the BOD is leading the charge.

Q: As a new board member, can I opt to co-lead a team instead of being the leader?

A: Yes, board members can opt to co-lead a team, but this depends on the needs of the chapter.

Q: What is the overall time commitment as an ALANYC board member?

A: Time commitment depends on how much you invest in your end goal. Average time commitment is a minimum of 7 hours per month, depending on the team a board member is leading.

Q: What are the benefits to serving on the board, i.e., What’s in it for me?

A: One yields tremendous benefits from service on the BOD. The experience enhances your leadership skills exponentially and brings great value to you personally and professionally. You grow your network, learn new or enhance existing skills and finesse your leadership and collaborative skills. board members get a stipend toward at least one ALA conference and most of all, you are groomed for chapter leadership, i.e., president, if that’s your goal.

Q: Do I get to choose the team that I want to lead or is that chosen for me?

A: The President typically selects very carefully the correct person to lead a team, based on skillset and availability versus demands of the team. However, input from the board member is welcomed to make the experience pleasant and rewarding for all.

Q: How many teams exist in the chapter and name some of them?

A: ALANYC currently has 15 teams to choose from under the Chapter Business, Mind, Body & Soul buckets. Members can join any of 4 teams from the Chapter Business bucket; 3 teams from the Mind bucket; 1 team from the Body bucket or 6 teams from the SOUL bucket. Some of the existing teams are Membership, Communications & Social Media, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Services, Business Partner Relations, Professional Development (Education) & Symposium to name a few. Please access the chapter teams on the website. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

If the FAQs give you a sense of how important this nomination process and voting is to our Chapter, continue reading what Past-President, Stephanie Roman has to say about what serving on the Board means to her: 

Stephanie Roman, Office Manager
O’Neil, O’Brien, Doherty & Kelly, P.C.

I had a real voice in the management and direction of the chapter. Instead of just talking to other members about what could be changed or improved and I was able to see real results. Prior to joining my first board, I had been worried about the time constraints, but as I worked with my co-members, I realized that I was able to either rearrange my work schedule or enlist the assistance of other members when I could not fulfill my commitment on any given task. I very much enjoyed being a part of the professional team on the boards I served on and formed many lasting friendships as well as professional associations through my service. 

The list of those nominated has been sent to you, and we certainly hope that you took the initiative and cast your vote.

Jenniffer A. Brown
Immediate Past-President/Nominations Team Lead
[email protected]

WEBSITE & TECHNOLOGY TEAM – The Web and Tech Team continues to provide as much information as possible to our members through the website. We continue to host our Town Hall meetings to help Members navigate our website. It is our goal to supplement as many educational sessions as possible with Zoom (our audio/video web conferencing software); to ensure that you are not missing valuable lessons.

If you have a poll question for your fellow members, please send your poll questions and answers to [email protected]. We are currently seeking volunteers to join the Team to assist with improving our website and our commitment to improving the Chapter’s technology. Special thanks to Doug Gibson whose innovations have brought us this far and to Tina Carter who is carrying the mantle in the interim. If interested in joining the team, please contact [email protected]. Many thanks for your continued participation in our webinars and educational sessions.