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ALANYC | Newsletter | Chapter Business Updates – ALANYC Chapter Business Updates – ALANYC

The Awards Team – Has awarded two (2) scholarships at ALANYC’s Summer Party held in May. The participants of the drawing are ALANYC’s Chapter Volunteers. The winners were Suzanne Idise and Viviana Llanos-Laut. They have both received a $1,200.00 stipend to attend either the September 18-20, 2019, C-4: The Legal Industry Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, or the ALA Master Class: Leadership for Legal Management Professionals conference on October 21-23, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. What better award to give than to those who help with ALANYC’s ongoing initiatives and mission. We look forward to hearing back from Suzanne and Viviana on their experience with the conference they choose to attend.  Congrats to them both!

Lucy Shyti
ALANYC President-Elect/Awards Team
[email protected]

Business Partner Relations/BPAC TEAM – Continues to participate and collaborate with the BPs and Members. Working on their well-received and popular initiative, BPHangoutsWithALANYC, they have been very busy belting out its First Annual Business Partners Appreciation event, “BPs Got Talent” held in May. Here’s a detailed play-by-play by Team Lead Stephanie Ransom:  It was a fun filled night, so much so that many of our Business Partners have asked if we could do it again next year! We started the evening off with a pre-cocktail event for our top three tier business partners, board members and members of the Business Partners Relations team, while the DJ played light music allowing for a great social and networking environment. Tina Carter, as the moderator for the event, introduced our esteemed President, Rose A. Jaworecki, who welcomed our members and business partners, shared her vision for the Chapter year, and then expressed how appreciative the Chapter is to have such an amazing group of business partners.  After dinner, our talent show commenced. Our illustrious panel of judges, Kevin O’Sullivan from Konica Minolta; Luis Rivera from Sterling National Bank; Angela Reade, ALANYC Member and Pat Isaacson, ALANYC Past-President, held court. This panel could easily replace the judges from the television version, “America’s Got Talent” as they were fair, firm, factual, and very entertaining. Our acts were not only enjoyable but were creative and interactive as well. John Connolly from LDI wowed the crowd by singing “Cupid” by Sam Cooke, getting into character, with costume wings and brought back his infamous red boots worn in our 60-Seconds of Fame video, which in case you did not hear, won the National competition in April!

For our second act, Lisa Gilbert, of Ivionics led a team of rockers which included backup singer, Erik Hodgetts of I.A. Interior Architects and ALANYC Members in a rousing lip-syncing rendition of “I love Rock and Roll.” All parties were fully committed. Afterwards, ALANYC looked on to a theatrical version of Edward Lear’s, “The Owl & The KittyCat”, led by business partners, David Sarnoff of Loeb Leadership, Patricia Nagy of Proxy PR, Lana James Moore of USI Affinity, Donald LaClair of All State Legal and Darragh Fitzpatrick of Tabush Group. Who knew we had such talented actors in our midst, they could easily have won a Tony for such grand performances! To pump up the crowd again, several members and business partners, led Lana James Moore and Christina Coleman of USI Affinity; Christina Gode of William B. Meyer, Inc., Sarah Gillen of Emergency Skills and David Sarnoff of Loeb Leadership to perform the Cha Cha slide and ended their number with a Soul Train line dance. Afterwards, Brain Gertler of LDI, serenaded our President with a song from Disney’s movie, Frozen to honor the fact that she dressed as Elsa, in our award winning 60 Seconds of Fame video. Brian’s melodic singing impressed not only our judges but the audience alike.  Lastly, our multi-talented President-Elect, Rose Jaworecki and one of our newest Business Partners, Jeffrey Mercado of Sterling National Bank, performed a Salsa dance routine making us wonder if Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were in the house! We continued to laugh and mingle, all the while having an amazing time during the event.  The event truly showed the effortlessly and excellent collaboration between our Business Partners and Members. On a personal note, I would whole heartedly like to thank the team members who backed up the Business Partners when asked. Working together makes our ALANYC Chapter grow stronger and builds better personal and business relationships. Here’s a few highlight photos from the event:




Did we say we were busy?  Well, we are!  In June, we belted out another new initiative and event, Business Partner Value Creator. Here, we brought together our New Business Partners and Business Partners Relations Team which allowed for open conversation and networking opportunities amongst the groups. We want to thank our BP Sponsors, Tabush Group and Proxy PR, as well as Michael Leonardi, Finance Board Member, for hosting the event. In attendance were our 2019-2020 Business Partners, The ALANYC Board of DirectorsBusiness Partners Relations Team and the Business Partners Advisory Council (“BPAC”). The BPAC Team consists of the following Business Partners: Kevin O’Sullivan of Konica Minolta, as facilitator; John Connolly of LDI Toolbox, Rosemary Farrell of Arenson; Sarah Gillen of Emergency Skills; David Henken of Elite Limousine; Barbara Iannucci of Knoll; Don LaClair of All State Legal; Jeffrey Mercado of Sterling National Bank and Eric Toth of Sher Del Transfer. Again, we want to thank and appreciate all those who participated and helped in ushering in our New BPs!



However busy we are with Chapter affairs, we are all looking forward to our next exciting journey and invite you, as Members, to reach or call on our BPs for your business or service needs.

Stephanie Ransom, CLM
Co-Team Lead, Business Partner Relations/BPAC
[email protected]

Tina Carter
Co-Team Lead, Business Partner Relations/BPAC
[email protected]

COMMUNICATIONS/SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM – On behalf of the Communications/Social Media Team, we want to wish you all a great summer!  Thus far, the Chapter has been in full swing with all the educational sessions and Chapter events. In addition, we hope you are enjoying receiving the newsletter and find it in step with your membership, as well as your personal and professional goals.

Like to see something different?  Have some news you wish to share? Let us hear about it! Special thanks to our co-editors, Francine Lahm, and Maria DeOrchis for their assistance in getting the first newsletter ready in a timely fashion as well as the team leaders who provided additional information and input to get these updates to you.

On the Social Media front, have you checked out our social media sites?
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Gina Negrin

Team Lead, Communications/Social Media

[email protected]

Membership, Leadership and Mentoring Team – Continues reaching out to the Chapter Members and the legal community finding new ways to engage and collaborate amongst the many avenues and offers available through both the Chapter and National levels.  The current Chapter term has quickly filled to the brim with exciting, inspiring and thought-provoking sessions and events that continue to stimulate our minds, keep our bodies moving and lifting our souls. In addition, we are happy to report we have gained some new faces, some of which have rejoined the Chapter.  Once again, a special shout out to the Membership team:  Tina Carter, Suzanne Idise, Angela Reade, Kasey L. Cunningham, Oria Aponte and Elba Cortes. Have a question on Membership? Looking to volunteer?  Please feel free to reach out to us; we value your comments and insights!

Welcome Our New and Returning Members:

Deborah A. Elliott, Vedder Price, PC, East Coast Office Manager

Kerri Marcinko, Freeborn & Peters, LLP, Office Manager

Carissa Schreiber, Vedder Price, PC, Administrative Coordinator

Mitchell Rait, Chief Operating Officer, Budd Larner, PC

Joshua Kalish, CFO, The Noble Law Firm

Kelly Carson, CFO, Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP

Grace Hewitt, Cary Kane LLP

John N. Dunn, Chaffetz Lindsey LLP, Director of Finance and Operations

Jennifer Aponte, Sullivan & Worcester LLP, Director of Administration

Paul Mendelsohn, Chief Operating Officer, Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP (Returning Member)

Jennifer Carmichael, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, Legal Administrative Assistant

Dennis Conyers, Dorsey & Whitney, Office Services & Records Manager

Julia Chang, Goldstein Hall, Office Manager