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BUSINESS PARTNER RELATIONS – Team Lead – Stephanie Ransom – The Business Partner Relations Team has really been inspired by our Business Partners’ participation and collaboration throughout the chapter year. When we implemented our new initiative, BPHangoutsWithALANYC, we hoped that it would be successful, but we honestly had no idea of how wildly popular it would be. In fact, it has far exceeded our expectations.

The premise is to allow a Business Partner, or a group of Business Partners for those who may want to work together, access to our members while participating, teaching, showing or hosting an event for ALA Members that ideally highlights a personal hobby or extracurricular activity the BP is invested in. Through this partnership, personal connections have developed and will only continue to grow and strengthen throughout the years. We are also thrilled that so many of our Business Partners are actively involved in our Chapter as they remain diligent in hosting or being subject matter experts for educational sessions, submitting White Papers, volunteering, supporting and participating in all events. We are honored to be a part of such an exciting group, incorporating both members and Business Partners and we look forward to continuing to push forward, developing new ideas and strengthening our programs.

The Business Partner Relations Team actively seeks your input. Therefore, if you have any ideas for any upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the team that I have listed below for your convenience:

Stephanie Ransom and Rodger Williams, Co-Team Leaders; Members: Jenniffer Brown, Paula Caceci, Tina Carter, Rory Celentano, Debra Crandon, Tanya Duprey, Kit Fong, Denise Harris, Rose Jaworecki, Mary Kirnon, Francine Lahm, Nellie Lefteratos, Meredith Lonner, Henry Macchiaroli, Dorothy Montgomery, Lucy Shyti, Sharon Stewart, Marie-Carolle Tertulien and Kathryn Walton.

COMMUNICATIONS – Team Lead – Francine E. Lahm – To communicate …Webster defines communication as “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.” Over the past few Chapter terms, your Board of Directors has recognized the importance of quality communication for our Chapter Members. What is too much? Too little? What style do our members want? These are challenging questions, as the answers change, sometimes from day-to-day!

On behalf of the entire Communications Team, we hope that you receive just the right level of content, at the right times, through the right forums. Several Chapter Updates were sent out throughout the year and this, our third and final newsletter for the term! Special thanks to our co-editors, Gina Negrin and Maria DeOrchis for their tireless efforts! Other Communications Team members included: Sharon Stewart, Tanya Duprey, Tom Barone, Tina Carter, Rory Celentano and Jay Stuck.

Want to see your information come to you another way? Please contact Francine Lahm, Communications Team Lead, with any suggestions you might have. After all, a keen listening ear is part of communication…is it not?

MEMBERSHIP, LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING – Team Lead – Julissa Keene – The 2018/2019-chapter year has been filled to the brim with exciting, inspiring and thought-provoking programs that stimulated our minds, kept our bodies moving and lifted our souls. I am happy to be part of an organization that is dedicated to the personal and professional growth of its members. While we are all volunteers and have supported the Chapter in one way or another, I want to give a shout out to the Membership team – Tina Carter, Suzanne Idise, Angela Reade, Kasey L. Cunningham, Oria Aponte and Elba Cortes. We will continue to work on Member engagement, satisfaction and growth!

Welcome to our New Members!

Patrice  Martin, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati PC – 11/20/2018 Ayana Lewis, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP – 1/5/2019

Peter Rosenblatt, Hahn & Hessen – 1/16/2019

SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM – Team Lead – Gina Negrin – I started mid-term stepping in for our original Team Leader, Shahily (Shay) Negron-Falcon, who started law school! We are so proud of her! First off, we created and started the Social Up Campaign to bring brand awareness and garner new followers to comment, and like, with the hopes that we will open the social media platforms for all Members to join and post. Stay Tuned! We also now have a final draft of our Social Media Policy as well as reviewed and discussed ways to bring traffic to our media sites. Thus far, we have increased traffic to our social media sites by 10—12% over the past 4-month period! Special thanks to all the Bucket Leaders who provided photos and/or content. Special thanks to Stacy Joyce, Janine Nedd, Doug Gibson Stephanie Ransom and Francine Lahm for providing feedback, as well as sharing and redirecting information so we could push out to our social media platforms. Double thanks and appreciation to Ivy at Proxy for the timely posting of our event updates and special notices, as well as our content and photos. For the next term, we look to strategize how best to push out content for the BP Promote Campaign and to share discounts or special offers from our BPs to our Members. We will continue to create and post fun and interesting content, complete and post our social media policy and have the Website photo gallery updated and tied into our social media sites, i.e., Instagram and Facebook. If you haven’t’ been following us at our social media sites, please do, and invite some of your friends and colleagues to #CheckoutALANYC!

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