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Alliant Employee Benefits with Brett Arnold

We sat down with Brett Arnold, who has been a producer at Alliant Employee Benefits, an ALANYC Business Partner, for over three years. Brett is very active in the ALANYC, and you may bump into him at one of our events. 

What has been your experience with the ALANYC?

Brett: Alliant is a proud sponsor of the ALANYC and will continue to support the chapter well into the future. The organizations’ top-notch leadership and wonderful members have made for some great friendships and keeps us coming back year after year.

I never had an industry “vertical” until I became part of the ALA. Thanks to the law firm client’s I’ve brought in through my ALA relationships, my office has officially dubbed me as the “law firm expert”. Relationships and politics often come into play when introducing a new insurance broker to a law firm. There have been numerous occasions where an ALA member has told me they can’t set up an introduction to a decision maker within their own firm, for one reason or another, only to reach back out to me with a referral to another firm that needed my help! ALA members understand the effort we business partners make and never hesitate to go above and beyond to help grow business. The ALANYC is and will continue to be my #1 organization with regard to business development

How did you get involved in ALANYC?

Brett: My colleague was an account executive at another company, and she told me about this great ALANYC summer party she had gone to: fun, wonderful people, nice comradery. This was the kind of organization I was looking to get involved with, so I looked it up online and joined.

What’s the best ALANYC event you have been to?

Brett: From a content standpoint, the recent September luncheon with Christal Young was great. She kept it fun and informative. The Disco Party at the Lotte New York Palace was great too. You can really get to know people by seeing their dance moves.

What exactly do you do?

Brett: I consult on all aspects of your firm’s employee benefit’s program. My team and I represent your firm when negotiating insurance renewals with carriers, creating voluntary benefit packages, or communicating benefit changes to your partners and staff. We specialize in unique medical insurance underwriting strategies that have saved ALANYC firms hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

How do you get to work?

Brett: I walk two times a week, weather permitting, or I take the subway.

What would you be doing if you weren’t producing at Alliant?

Brett: I would own a fine Italian restaurant that catered exclusively to ALANYC members. I’m ambidextrous, so I could serve and clear from either side of the table.