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ALANYC | Newsletter | Body – ALANYC Body – ALANYC

fitALANYC – Team Lead – Nellie Lefteratos – As Past-President of the Chapter, I was asked to lead the “Body” component of the President’s initiative. With my passion for health and fitness, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with members and sponsors on improving their physical needs. We created a new program called fitALANYC. F.I.T. stands for Find Inner Tranquility. This program promotes healthy living including Yoga, Nutrition, Wealth Management, Mental Health Awareness and Wellness training.

We collaborated with the ALANYC Sustainability Team 10,000 Step Challenge. Approximately 41 members and business partners participated and were divided into six walking teams which was held from June 1 through June 15. Following our success in the first challenge, we increased participation by offering another collaboration with the Sustainability Team and LFSN for Step Challenge 2.0 which took place in early September/October. This time, in addition to tracking their steps, team members were asked to participate in a Nature Photo Contest by submitting photos taken during their walks. There were 48 mixed team participants (members & BPs) for Challenge 2.0. At the end of the Challenge, all the photos were posted, and members and BPs were asked to vote for their favorite. The event was publicized on all social media platforms and the winning photo was posted on the Chapter’s website. Many members shared the postings on their own social media platforms thereby expanding the level of exposure.

Latin dance events took place in June 2018 at Bryant Park. Members joined together to enjoy the night’s festivities.

Some members also completed an eight-hour course on Mental Health First Aid during the summer. Mental Health First Aid USA is an eight -hour training to teach participants how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The evidence behind the program demonstrates that it helps trainees identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Following the course, Administrators received a certificate for attending all sessions. They are now Mental Health First Aiders.

We continue to provide programs that benefit our members including bringing in Dr. Edmund Shockey, a chiropractor, who gives corporate talks regarding wellness. As Administrators, challenged with taking care of our staff and firm, we often are ignorant to the cries of our own “body”. Jenniffer Brown, President, showed us ways for us to re-think and reinvest in ourselves.


Thanks to all on our team who made our accomplishments possible: Roseann Lentin, Rose Hirsch, Donna Saccone, Rory Celentano, Sarah Gillen and Stella Innova.