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fitALANYC & SUSTAINABILITY TEAMS – This past May, BP Cohn Reznick, hosted a Wellness/Nutrition Lunch and Learn with Rose Soto. Rose is an Integrative Holistic Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and certified by Columbia University Teachers College and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She is the Founder & Director of Inner Nurturing Wellness and works with a medical private practice in NYC. Rose provided members with tips and information on improving health, reducing stress and preventing disease by learning how to make better diet and lifestyle choices at work and home, as well as coping with stress in the work environment, and finding balance in lifestyle. Rose’s presentation was so well received, we are planning another event with her later this year!  Keep an eye out for these upcoming sessions:  Dept. of Sanitation: Recycling Video Presentation; Lunch & Learn with Dr. Shockey: ‘Stay Fit While You Sit’; Office Yoga, and a Mindfulness/Meditation!  We are also looking to include Dancing and Jeopardy in the 2019 Symposium lineup!  Stay toned!

Also, in June, team fitALANYC & Sustainability, facilitated along with Law Firm Sustainability Network (LFSN), held our newly popular Second Annual ALANYC 10,000 Step Challenge. Six teams competed, and fiercely according to post shared on the Community Forum.  The winning team was team STEPPING STONES, finishing strongly in 1st Place with a total step count of 1,688,735!  Congratulations to Lucy Shyti and her amazing team on a well-fought victory. Each participant received a $10 Starbucks or Amazon gift card. Coming in 2nd Place, team SOLE MATES, who had a cumulative step count of 1,636,647, which gave STEPPING STONES a run for their money! 3rd Place, team WALKING ON SUNSHINE, who had a last-minute surge that almost pushed out team SOLE MATES from their 2nd Place hold.  All teams accumulated an impressive step count of 1,344,778! Congratulations to all those who participated in the event.  Lastly, a big round of applause to ANNA SCARPA (Vedder), who holds the highest single step count of the Step Challenge of 435,001! For her effort and determination, Anna received a $25 Amazon gift card. Here’s Stepping at You Kid! Special thanks to Nellie Lefteratos, Past-President for her assistance with the Step Challenge program and to Gayatri Joshi and Evan Barton of the LFSN for collaborating with us on this Challenge and helping us track our steps each day. See who took on the Step Challenge:

Clean & Green
Team Captain – Santa Medina
Forces of Nature
Team Captain – Sharon Stewart
Healthy Steps
Team Captain – Anna Scarpa
Gayatri Joshi Donald LaClair Audrey Serbin
Lesya Osipova Kit Fong Susan Healy
Nellie Lefteratos Marie-Carolle Tertulien Tanya Duprey
Scott Jaffe Stephanie Ransom Mark Shore
Cynthia LeGrand
The Mighty Morphing Flower Arrangers
Team Captain – Rose Jaworecki
2019 10,000 Step Challenge Champs: We Mean Green
Team Captain – Lucy Shyti
The 10,000 Steppers
Team Captain – Janet Casiano
Barbara Kinter Thomas Barone Denise Harris
Christina Gode Rory Celentano Henry Macchiaroli
Julissa Keene Rose Hirsch Nadia Wagner
Sarah Gillen Melinda Hopkins Stacey Joyce
Gina Negrin Marc Siegel Yolanda Gamboa

In addition to the Step Challenge, participants submitted photos from their walks in conjunction with the United Nation’s World Environment Day (June 5) theme, which was air pollution and air quality. The winner, by tally of votes for most liked photo for the UN’s theme event, was Audrey Serban (of Fisher & Phillips LLP) for her photo, entitled C02 to 02. Way to go Audrey!

Rory Celentano
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Nadia Wagner
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