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ALANYC | Newsletter | Article: This October’s ALA Symposium Was Simply Fabulous – ALANYC Article: This October’s ALA Symposium Was Simply Fabulous – ALANYC

By Rick D’Aversa, Executive Director
Zimmet Law Group

Thinking back, I realized that I have had the great opportunity to attend every Educational Symposium the NYC Chapter has held.  I am sure there are many other ALA members who have done so as well.

So, the question is, Why do I go? Well the answer for me is simple; I don’t want to miss anything.

For me, the yearly Symposium can be compared to Christmas- my birthday- or summer vacation!  The Symposium offers truly wonderful educational programming presented by outstanding individuals.

I have learned so much on subjects such as marketing, accounting etc.  In addition, I developed and reignited friendships with fellow attendees and shared ideas with them that increased my knowledge.

Finally, I love to spend unrushed time with our Business Partners at the Symposium. What I have learned over the years about our BP’s is that they truly want to see us succeed.  Their input is of great value to me and all of us.  This is why the “ALA Small Firm Group” that meets once a month, highlights one of our business partners to present to our attendees.  The members truly appreciate this.

So, plan to attend next year’s symposium….and I’ll see you there!