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ALANYC | Newsletter | Article: A New Member Perspective! – ALANYC Article: A New Member Perspective! – ALANYC

By: Dana Adorno

I attended the ALANYC 12 Annual Symposium & Exposition on October 6, 2017, and was very impressed with the professionalism and warmth of everyone who attended.  Not coming from the legal industry, I found the workshops to be very informative and helpful.

The keynote speaker, Monica Wofford, was out of this world.  Talk about engaging a room!  There was not a moment she didn’t have everyone’s undivided attention.  Monica opened up with “How to Make Difficult People Disappear.” The talking points were thought provoking and very insightful.

The sessions were broken down into different categories, making it easier to decide which one to attend. Each one had outstanding speakers as part of the panel discussions.  This was the most difficult part for me.  Every single topic was of interest, but, I was able to walk away with material and feedback from the ones that I did not attend.  The business partners made playing the Business Partner game fun.

I am very honored to be part of this amazing organization, and I look forward to attending many more educational events in the future.”

And now, here’s some input from a long time member who wouldn’t miss it!