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ALANYC | Newsletter | ALANYCis Getting Fit! – ALANYC ALANYCis Getting Fit! – ALANYC

Repeat after me…row, row, row your boat.

In keeping with our president’s promise to tone and invigorate our bodies with the new fitALANYC initiative, we went rowing on April 26, and kept on rowing, and rowing, …. with our instructor, Meghan at Current Fitness. So, what else is the Chapter doing to stay mentally and physically “fit”?

About twenty students showed up to Reed Smith’s offices on May 6th for our first yoga class of the chapter year. Many were first time yogis and were just intrigued that a fellow colleague was the yoga instructor. Who was Rory Celentano anyway? After a few lighthearted yoga jokes to relax his students, class started with some simple breathing and movement to prepare for what is essentially a sixty-minute moving meditation called Vinyasa yoga. Everyone left relaxed and invigorated! fitALANYC will be woven into this year’s Symposium to begin and end our day. Want to become a yogi, check out Rory’s next session on the chapter’s calendar.

You should be dancing, yeah! …

fitALANYC Team leader Nellie Lefteratos, came together with fellow colleagues to dance the night away at the Bryant Park Dance Party Program held June 5th – June 6th. Led by professional Salsa and Cha-cha dancers, ALANYC members took dance classes and once they learned some moves, they danced the night away!

Lucy Shyti, Nellie Lefteratos, Santa Medina, Jenniffer Brown, Lydia Moore-Riley and Rose Jaworecki

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, By Lazo Tzu

From June 1st through June 15th, we stepped it up during the Chapter’s Spring 2018 ALA Step Challenge. For two solid weeks, teams competed against each other (and themselves!) to get into better physical and emotional shape. A fun time was had by all. What a competitive bunch! The winning team was STEPPING STONES! They were in the lead from the very beginning and finished strong with a total team step count of 1,688,735. Congratulations to Lucy Shyti and her amazing team on a well-fought victory! Each received a $10 Starbucks or Amazon gift card. Congratulations also to the second-place team, SOLE MATES, who had a cumulative step count of 1,636,647, very close, giving Stepping Stones a run for their money! Third place team, WALKING ON SUNSHINE, gave a last-minute surge that almost put them in the second spot, with a cumulative step count of 1,344,778. Finally, a big round of applause to ANNA SCARPA who had the highest step count for the competition with 435,001! Anna received a $25 Amazon gift card. Way to go Anna! Special mention also goes to Team Sole Mates for a one-day total high step count of 137,396 on June 15 and to our very own Chapter President, Jenniffer Brown, for a one-day high step count of 39,557 steps on June 9.

A very big congratulations to ALL THE PARTICIPANTS in this competition, including our wonderful Business Partner team mates. Each team had over a million steps during the race! On behalf of the ALANYC Sustainability Team and fitALANYC, we thank our collaborators on the event, Evan Barton, and Gayatri Joshi of the Law Firm Sustainability Network (LFSN). Evan fielded a LOT of questions/issues during the challenge and was gracious and supportive each time. He also built the platform that allowed us to record our steps so easily. Thank you, Evan! We will report on the Fall 2018 Step Challenge in our next edition.

July 17, 19, 24 & 26, Business Partner Emergency Skills, Inc. conducted a highly successful Mental Health First Aid certification training.  Eighteen members of our chapter earned their certificates thus becoming certified Mental Health First Aiders.

September 11, we went rowing with Rory Celentano again.

September 25, fitALANYC once again teamed up with the Sustainability Team for the chapter’s 8-day Step Challenge II that included an award for the best nature photo.

September 27, fitALANYC teamed up with our Business Partner, Loeb Leadership for Part 2 of our MBS webinar series entitled “Being a Mindful Leader”.