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On behalf of the Communications/Social Media Team (special thanks to Francine Lahm for conducting the telephone interview) we chose to Spotlight long time Chapter Member, Angela Reade! Hoping to share with you the wisdom gained from her Chapter membership and legal professional experience.

How long have you been a member of ALANYC?
I became a member in 1998 and then took time off for a short stint to be closer to my kids and home in NJ.  Later, finding work back in the City, and missing the value and connections made and received from the Chapter, I rejoined in 2002, so over 21 years I have been with the Chapter!  I have always been involved with various committees and teams. I served on the Board, the Special Events Committee, the Attorney Luncheon Committee, (as it was called back then) and Membership Committee.  I also co-chaired the first Diversity & Inclusion Committee with Jenniffer Brown.

What is a typical day like for you?
Upon arrival to the office, I would make sure I walk around to say hi to staff and engage with them on how they were doing, especially if they had been out sick, or were returning from vacation.  I would meet with partners, work on budgeting for office operations, and run the office events among several other administrator roles.  I like to mentor and keep an open-door policy for all.  Like most administrators, our days spent in the office are not typical ones, at least not in this legal realm.

Who are you and what do you do with your day? Give us a little back story of yourself.
I came to this country from England and I was born in Dublin.  I came here by myself in 1978 to work as a nanny.  Having a keen, caring and nurturing spirit, I felt these allowed me to grow into my position and is also how I came to love working and being an Administrator in the legal field.  I can’t say enough how much I enjoy the people I have met through my work on the committees (teams) and my association with the Chapter.  Over the years I have given countless advice and helped others find their way in this myriad environment.  I retired from Emmet, Marvin & Martin, LLP as Director of Administration just this past March, and have worked in the legal industry for over 33 years. As I transition into retirement, I thought I would retain my membership with the Chapter because I really enjoy the connection with the people I have met, members and business partners alike.  To date, I currently volunteer on the Community Services and Events Teams.  I am also helping my son with the launch and building of his catering and events company, OB Corporate Events, as well as taking this time to do some traveling. I am excited just to be part of this Chapter as I transition to the next stage in my life.

What do you enjoy most about ALANYC?
Being part of the ALA has helped me to grow and succeed.  My first job after my nanny role was as a receptionist that grew into an Office Manager position.  I then was promoted to Director of Personnel and from there I went on to become a Human Resources Director.  I have built a lot of friendships that have not only been helpful to me working in this legal industry, but it has also helped me personally too.  Of course, the main reason for my membership has been to help me do my job better, but for me, it was also very helpful to have a fellow member to talk with and not necessarily bring “it” home.  Fellow members are people going through the same things and so they get it!  I like to be involved and give back.  What I really enjoy is the bonding of friendships; helping the junior manager to grow and be successful.  I believe I am successful when I help others to be too.

What is your favorite tip for someone in our industry?  Tell us more ways to make our work day a little smoother?
I think my favorite tip would be to always mentor and show everyone respect.  It is also important to make sure that you make time for your family.  It is important that you have a balance.  I think one of the ways to make a work day a little smoother would be to try and get in a little earlier, make your to-do lists and cross them off when you get something done! It is also important to always respond to people no matter what level and to always keep the managing partner informed. They do not like to be surprised!


What value did you get from ALA?
When I returned back to the workforce, so many members provided avenues to help me find employment and network and gave me great advice. My association with the members of the Chapter and the Association as a whole is great for so many things!  What gives my association with the Chapter more value was knowing that my partners knew I was obtaining all the education that ALANYC provides and knew that the benefit from it was of value not just for myself but the firm as well.  Many firms will assist or pay the membership fees for joining, but some may not.  However, if your firm knows the benefit of membership and you can bring back this knowledge to the firm they won’t see your absence from the office.  After all, how successful would your firm be if employees didn’t show up for meetings and events? My suggestion if you are a Member, is to get your full value, show up and be present! Get involved! You will be amazed on how much you learn and grow by being involved.

Members wishing to reach out to Angela for information, insight or recommendations can reach her at [email protected].

So, there you have it! Member Spotlighted, Angela Reade!  Just in case you did not hear enough about Angela, here’s what other Members and colleagues have to say about her:

Eric M. Reuben, Partner, Emmet, Marvin & Martin, LLP:

During my tenure as Managing Partner of Emmet, I was extremely fortunate to have Angela Reade as the Firm’s Director of Administration. From the start, Angela took complete ownership of her position, which encompassed a wide variety of responsibilities. Her responsibilities spanned from the mundane (which Directors at larger firms probably delegate out) to very important tasks, such as hands on supervision of our human resources and service centers functions, as well as actively and ably participating collaborating in key matters. Angela was frequently asked to do the comparison shopping for important matters such as compensation decisions, and often mentioned that she was always able to obtain very informative, timely and relevant formation from ALANYC. Angela is very much deserving of the recognition being given to her by ALANYC!

Donna M. Saccone, Office Administrator at Lester Schwab Katz & Dwyer:

Angela and I have worked together on various committees for the Chapter. She is a true professional, and a wonderful leader! She will help anyone, in every way she knows how. She has taught me so much and am glad she took me under her wing in embracing the Chapter and learning from it.

Rose Hirsch of Emmet, Marvin & Martin, LLP:

This year, when Angela retired from Emmet and I transitioned over to the position, I got to know her better. I can truly say that Angela is a great person and a go-getter. If she feels strongly about something or some idea, she will go for it! She really knows her way around the event planning business and has put together many great events at Emmet. This past year she put together a client event that was the rave of the firm and the banking community. She can be tough and out spoken but she has a heart of gold and really enjoys what she does and being part of the ALA. She always makes everyone feel welcomed and included, you instantly feel you are part of the team!

Jenniffer Brown, Firm Administrator, Past-President:

There is no question about Angela’s passion for ALA and the New York City Chapter. Having served on several committees (now teams) over the years, she was asked by the 2013-2014 Chapter President, Patricia Isaacson, to co-chair the chapter’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee when it first started. Her efforts helped to create the chapter’s Diversity Brochure and a slate of initial programming to bring awareness to our members. Angela co-lead the team with the same passion that’s been her consistent approach to all she does, which helped to shine a spotlight on the new committee as a force to be reckoned with!

Denise A. Harris, Chief Administrative Officer, Russo & Toner LLP:

Angela has the biggest heart and is not shy about helping in any way she can, personally or professionally.  She sees the best in all people that come into her space. Angela has a huge heart for the ALA, its membership and moving the organization forward.  She’s a true team player.  She’s thoughtful, fair and resourceful. . . and she is an awesome change agent!  I got to know Angela well at an ALA conference in Boston. She’s been my Irish sister since then!