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ALANYC | Newsletter | ALA Hollywood Night – Business Partner and Member Networking dinner. ALA Hollywood Night – Business Partner and Member Networking dinner.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 was our annual Business Partner and Member Networking dinner.

Under the theme, “ALA Hollywood Night”, the group of seven volunteers produced a spectacular evening. From the handmade centerpieces, to the clapboard keychain picture frame souvenirs and decorations, to the cake, the theme was carried perfectly throughout the room and evening.

On exiting the elevators on the 14th floor at Upper Story, Business Partners were greeted with the flashing lights of cameras and chapter members eager to escort them to coat check.  Then, they were escorted down the red carpet to registration.  From there, they were taken to the Step & Repeat booth to have their pictures taken and custom framed using the background of their choice, but only after being “interviewed” on the red carpet and photographed by our paparazzis for the evening.

This idea was repeated for the members upon their arrival, only this time, the Business Partners did the escorting of the members. Everyone seemed to enjoy their trip down the red carpet.

After an hour cocktail reception, the evening began with a warm welcome to all by Cinthia LeGrand, co-chair of the BP Committee, and an overview of upcoming events.  She was followed by a tribute to our Business Partners from Jenniffer Brown, co-chair of the BP Committee, who introduced our MC for the evening, Cody Scott Lancaster of Broadway’s Rock of Ages.

Cody was splendid as he sang Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York while attendees dined on the delicious meal, and listened to theme songs from winning Oscar music over the past fifty years.  And then the games began.  We had so much fun playing the BP Trivia and guessing the movie from famous movie quotes. Then it was time to play ALANY (Bingo!).  We had several winners who were awarded cookbooks, movie tickets and event-themed playing cards.

It was fun to see everyone dressed in their Hollywood chic attire, walking down the red carpet, networking with our BP sponsors and having so much fun.  To complete our evening, our MC and Tessa sang a beautiful rendition of Let it Go by Idina Mentzel and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.  Francine Lahm and Rose Jaworecki could not resist joining them on stage to end such a beautiful and celebrity-style fun-filled evening.  Kudos to the Business Partner Committee for such a fantastic gala event.

Bingo Game Winners:
Stephanie Roman Bronya Vygodskaya Henry Macchiaroli David Schwartz

Michael Leonardi

Match the Business Partner with what they do game:
Stacey Joyce Vaneat Belizzi Theresa Smith Angela Reade Marie-Carole Tertulien Lisa Goldberg Caroline Grant

Sandra Dickerson

Famous Movie Quotes Game:
Brett Arnold (Alliant) Will Wilkes (Konica Minolta) John Connolly (LDI Color Toolbox) Rosemary Farrell (Arenson) David Furst (FSO) Rucha Vyas (Alliant) Eric Hodges (IA Architects)

Ed Maffia (RD Weiss)

ALANYC tried its best to note all prize winners to the best of our ability, during the event.  We apologize to anyone who won a prize and was not mentioned here.

Business Partner Event – Hollywood Night


From the moment you stepped off the elevator you were transported into a Hollywood star! A huge thank you and congratulations to the BP committee. It was truly an amazing night.
Janine Nedd Morrisson Foerster—–

You truly outdid yourselves. Everyone had a great time and the Hillary and Trump faces were a huge hit! You deserve a much needed break; that must have been an unbelievable amount of work!
Lynn Corvino, Administrator
Cassin Cassin LLP

Really great night. The theme and the way the theme was carried out were great. Everyone seemed to have had a good time. The event space was lovely and the food was terrific. Kudos to the BP Committee!
Suzanne Idise, Office Manager
McKool Smith