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ALANYC | Connect | Career Portal, connecting people with prospective administrators Career Portal, connecting people with prospective administrators

The ALANYC Career Portal connects law firms, corporations, government agencies and other professional service organizations with prospective administrators and other legal management positions.

ALANYC provides a job referral service to assist firms seeking to hire qualified administrators, finance and senior law firm personnel. Employers seeking to fill administrative management positions may post a description of the position on our website.Advertising is open to law firms, corporate/government law departments, executive search firms, and employment agencies. Advertisers may identify the firm name in the position description or list the position confidentially.

Click here to post a position to the ALANYC Job Bank.

Job Seekers
If you are seeking a position as a qualified administrators, finance and senior law firm personnel, ALANYC posts job advertisements placed by employers. Click here for a list of available positions.

Support Staff
ALANYC does not maintain a database of available support staff or provide resources to assist support staff seeking positions. Employers seeking to recruit support staff are encouraged to contact our business partners. We recognize that a firm dissolving or downsizing may be interested in placing qualified support staff such as secretaries, word processors, paralegals, or mail room personnel. As a service to the firm and to our members, with the firm’s permission, we will send a notice to our members advising them of the availability of qualified support staff personnel. The chapter offers this service at no cost. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

ALA Nationwide Job Bank
ALA Headquarters also operates a nationwide job bank for legal administrators exploring career opportunities and for organizations seeking a legal manager. Listings are updated weekly and are accessible to over 9,000 ALA members as well as prospective employers. Individuals planning to relocate or who are looking for another position may place a position wanted ad. Organizations with positions to fill, including professional recruiters and executive search firms, are invited to place ads. For information concerning fees and details about ALA Management Connections, contact Member Benefits at ALA, www.alanet.org or (847) 267-1252.