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A Message from the President of the ALANYC Chapter A Message from the President of the ALANYC Chapter

A Message from 2021-2022 President Janine A. Nedd

I am honored to serve as the New York City Chapter President for the 2021-2022 year. As we exited 2020, I was forced to reflect on the resilience of our Chapter, that same resilience that enabled us to navigate through challenges that profoundly impacted our professional and personal lives.  ALANYC has never been more relevant and important as we are today!

Last year, our Board of Directors and volunteers continued to provide members with abundant opportunities to learn, network and share essential information to keep our Chapter ahead of the curve, as well as support our front-line workers.

When I joined ALANYC in 2015, I found that the Chapter provided not only great networking, education and growth opportunities, but also possibilities to develop new friendships. Volunteering on committees and teams provided me with a greater appreciation for what our Chapter offers and the ability to realize my potential.  I am very excited and optimistic about this Chapter year! 

I approach this year with three objectives in mind – 

  1. To engage our members to become more involved with the Chapter
  2. To provide you with the tools to learn and excel in your careers, and 
  3. To continue providing the resources that will enable you to pursue greatness in your roles, thus enriching your experience as members.

My thanks to all members for your continued participation and enthusiasm in our professional community, and to all Business Partners for your incredible support.  The Board of Directors and I are interested to hear your feedback about our current offerings and how we can better partner together.  We also want to hear your ideas and encourage you to get more involved in the chapter.

ALANYC remains committed to your health and safety and will continue to monitor reports until we can safely return to in-person events.

Wishing you a happy and successful 2021, and looking forward to seeing you in person soon.

Janine A. Nedd